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Chile: Report after 15 days of hunger strike by subversive, anarchist and revolting prisoners

Chile. 5 April. 2021. Since March 22, 2021, a hunger strike has been taking place in Santiago 1 Prison, San Miguel Prison, the maximum security wing and the maximum security prison.

Originally published by Publicacion RefractarioTranslated by Riot Turtle.

For 15 days, nine subversive, anarchist and revolting prisoners have been active and on war foot against the latest amendments to law D.L 321, which regulates the “release on parole”, for the immediate release of Marcelo Villarroel and the denunciation of the pre-trial prison as a preventive punishment. Comrade Juan Aliste, supports and participates in the mobilization, but withdraws from the hunger strike due to his health condition.

As for the medical issue, all the comrades are weighed daily and their basic parameters are taken. Monica is taken to the prison hospital once a week to have a complete check-up, while Francisco, Juan, Marcelo and Joaquin are visited once a week by a former doctor of the prison. In Santiago 1, the deplorable and collapsed health care system of the A.S.A. (Área de Salud Ambulatoria) is the place where the comrades are medically controlled, on one occasion they were even refused to be weighed.

With an average weight loss of 5,7 kilos, as well as stomach aches, headaches, fatigue, cramps and slight dizziness, the effects of the strike are already making themselves felt in the bodies of the comrades.

*Prison of San Miguel

Mónica Caballero: lost 5 Kilos.

*High security wing

Francisco Solar: lost 6 kilos.

*High security prison

Marcelo Villarroel: lost 5 kilos.

Joaquín García: lost 7 kilos.

Juan Flores: lost 6 kilos.

*Prison Santiago 1

Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz: lost 9 kilos.

José Duran Sanhueza: lost 5 kilos.

Tomas Gonzalez: lost 4 kilos.

Gonzalo Farías: lost 5 kilos.

From Block 3 of Santiago 1 Prison, came a statement, comrades José Duran, Tomas González and Gonzalo Farías point out the following:

“Santiago 1 we share the process of our strike with you:

Jose Duran started with a weight of 74.8 kg and until today he has a weight of 70 kg. The symptom is a pain and burning in the pit of the stomach of short duration.

Gonzalo Farias started with a weight of 78.9 kg and weighs 73.3 kg until today. Experienced some days with headaches, body’s defenses and at certain times fatigue.

Tomas Gonzalez started the strike weighing 69.4 kg and is now at 65.3 kg. With a short-lasting stabbing pain in the pit of the stomach.

Despite everything, we remain steadfast and continue the struggle we are waging together with our comrades in the various prisons in $hile.

The will does not waver and wins or die”.

Pablo Bahamondes sends us these words from Block 2:

“Comrades, at the beginning of the liquid hunger strike my weight was 99.7k and until today it has dropped to 90.8k. So far, I suffer other symptoms such as headaches, some episodes of cramps and sometimes sporadic hunger crises … but generally I’m fine.

I firmly believe in this struggle that we are waging and at the same time I continue with enough updates. Every gesture of solidarity is the nourishment that I take these days, because I understand that every action is the energy that keeps the struggle alive against those who want to subjugate us.

An embrace beyond the walls for those who keep the indomitable spirit and all my affection today.”

Every day it becomes more urgent to expand solidarity and the mobilization in every possible way.

For the repeal of the latest amendments to Decree-Law 321!

For the immediate release of comrade Marcelo Villarroel!

For an end to pre-trial detention as punishment!

April 5, 2021

Day 15 of the hunger strike.

From the territory ruled by the Chilean state

Buscando la kalle

News about the mobilization and hunger strike of subversive and anarchist prisoners.

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