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Netherlands: On showing solidarity with those convicted of the curfew riots

Netherlands. As of today (April 1, 2021), at least 77 individuals have been sentenced following the “curfew riots” at the end of last January.

Originally published by Indymedia NL (Discussion – in Dutch – about this proposal, below the article; here). Translated by Riot Turtle.

Thirteen of them have to pay compensation. So far in Eindhoven, the judge already imposed a total of €62,000, out of the €670,000 submitted “duped damage claims”. The Dutch Association of Insurers estimates the insured damage from the “curfew riots” at 1 million euro.
The big blow is for a 20-year-old Rotterdam resident, who has to pay €20,000 for “working on” a police station. The person who threw a bicycle under the water cannon, which meant that this heavy police equipment was temporarily out of action, has to pay €2500. Smaller amounts were e.g. €150 fine for a 17-year old from North Holland, who has to pay a fine to a police officer because he had called on social media to kidnap the cop in question.

The damage was higher in East Brabant (Eindhoven) than for example in Apeldoorn, Enschede or Zwolle. But before the suspects have to appear in court, the judicial authorities can already seize their belongings, including their bank accounts, or even their wages. At least seven cars have been seized as well as one house. In the Rotterdam region the judicial authorities have not seized anything because neither the suspects nor their parents had any actual property.

Now, many people will immediately start to sound an alarm. After all, wouldn’t the platform for the riot against the police in Eindhoven have been provided by nationalists, right-wing hooligans or “Nazis” or “fascists”? And weren’t the events in Rotterdam and The Hague later on immediately attributed to that (because, after all, being against the curfew is something for “right-wing corona afficionados”)? As some militants here have already clearly stated, “Nazis” do not come to The Hague’s Schilderswijk, that was really purely the work of people living there (no natives can be insured). As much as that applies to Rotterdam-South. And this report knows to report that the right-wing pacemakers of the initial demo in Eindhoven complained afterwards that the attracted participants had passed their scrutiny (and surely did not have the “desired” look for participation).

No, the class character is extremely evident in the cities where the riots were most intense. Do these subjective forces not therefore deserve our solidarity? Did they not also throw a stone in “our” name (that of revolutionaries)? And who cares about one Prorail car less? Just as a major corporation such as Jumbo, which certainly earns mega profits during “corona” and pays out generous bonuses but does not give its employees a percentage increase in wages, can easily afford to give away some products “for free”, can’t it?

Now the convicts are unorganized individuals, so collecting a financial contribution seems very difficult. But is it really impossible to give something to these persons as a sign of support? Because the class justice system is mercilessly hard on these (ordinary) people…

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