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Trikala Prison, Greece: Hunger strike announcement

Trikala prison. Greece. The Network of Prisoner Solidarity published a statement of Vaggelis Krasadakis on his ongoing hungerstrike.

Submitted to Enough 14. Originally published by the Network of Prisoner Solidarity Facebook page ( in Greek.

My name is Vaggelis Krasadakis, son of Ioannis and Maria, I am 41 years old, father to three underage children, and I am serving a life sentence at Trikala Prison which was the result of a verdict announced by a court of first instance. I am currently waiting for my case to be tried at an appellate court. I have started a hunger strike on the 29th of March because the conditions of detention in this prison are a threat not only to our well-being, but also our lives.

I am not detained in a designated area of detention inspite of the legal requirement for such provision. The cell capacity is limited to two prisoners while there are at least four prisoners in each cell. As a result we take turns to sleep on on the floor. The water is not safe. There is dirt in it, and very often they cut running water without any warning, usually every two hours, which means we cannot even use it for our personal hygeine. The portions of the food provided in prison are very small. The healthcare is non-existent. Despite the complaints made by all prisoners, nothing has changed.

The written complaints and demands for improvements made by prisoners (demands that refer to the need for doctors, social workers, etc) are somehow lost on the way and are never sent to those who, are obliged by law, to read them. I have asked a long time ago to be included in a program that will help me overcome my drug addiction, since this has been the sole motive of my invovlement in the act of drug trafficking (transfering cannabis) for which I was found guilty by the Criminal Court on the island of Corfu.

In Trikala prison where I am housed, the rehabilitation program is very limited time-wise and in my case it will not make any difference. Due to the conditions described above, my already bad mental health is deteriorating and I am slowly led to my own death. I have not seen the psychiatrist systematically and obviously I am not prescribed the appropriate pharmaceutical treatment, since day by day I feel my mental health to become worse.

Before this chaos, I am standing tall, asking for my immediate inclusion to a closed rehabilitation program. I am determined to fight with the only weapon I have left, that of my life, to change the conditions of detention in Trilaka prison, not only for myself but for all prisoners.

Vaggelis Krasadakis

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