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Chilean Prisons: Communiqué regarding the end of the hunger strike of comrade Tomas Gonzalez Quezada

Chile. A message of Tomas Gonzalez Quezada, who ended his hunger strike after 17 days.

Originally published by Contra Info. Translated by Riot Turtle.

As a subversive prisoner I make my official withdrawal from the liquid hunger strike in which I was, together with 9 other comrades from different prisons, for the repeal of art. 9 and in turn the reinstatement of article 1 of D.L 321, the release of the comrade kidnapped in the C.A.S Marcelo Villarroel, and denouncing the use of preventive detention as a punishment by the Chilean courts of injustice.

My decision to end the strike does not mean that I am abandoning the struggle for any reason, I will continue on the warpath as I have been up to now, but from a different position, since my health has been detrimentally compromised, both by the strike that I have been on for 17 days, I have been living in this prison for more than a year, during which time I have never been able to have adequate food due to the limitations of the prisoners, it is very difficult to stay strong or healthy in a terrible place like this.

Finally, I call to keep the stronghold of struggle active for the repeal of the last modifications made to the decree law 321 that deprives our comrades imprisoned with long sentences of their right to parole, and above all the release of all subversive, anarchist, revolting and Mapuche liberation comrades!

As long as there is misery there will be rebellion!!!!

Tomas González Quezada
Presx subversivx
Cárcel-empresa Santiago 1.
April 8, 2021

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