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Communique from the Mapuche Communities of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM)

So-called Chile. Communique from the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM).

Submitted to Enough 14 in English. Originally published by Radio Kurruf (Spanish/Catellano).

Communique from the Mapuche Communities of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM)

To our Mapuche nation and the public in general. The Mapuche communities of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM) declare the following:

In light of the negotiations currently being held by the forest company, Forestal Mininco, in the Lleu-lleu zone of Lavkenche territory, we want to make clear that we categorically reject the manipulations and dirty deals the company is pursuing. Political operatives of the forest company, disguised as pseudo leaders of Mapuche territory, are bringing internal conflict to our people with the intention of safeguarding the interests of forest companies.

As Mapuche communities who make up the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM), we once again make very clear that we see political violence and self-defense as legitimate weapons of our people, to advance resistance and territorial control. For more than twenty years we have used these tactics fighting against our enemies, the forest and hydroelectric companies, large estate owners, and all the repressive apparatuses that sustain the occupation of our territory. We have done so in accordance with our ethical and moral norms, based in our Mapuche rakiduam (Mapuche thought) and kimun (Mapuche knowledge). This is a political practice that is known by all. The target of our struggle will always be the interests, infrastructure, and property of big business and big industry which devastate our territory. For this reason, the organs of territorial resistance of our organization will never act against the civilian population, much less against Mapuche people. The actions we practice are basically those of sabotage against big capital.

We reject the intent to criminalize and tarnish the legitimate Mapuche struggle that we are advancing forward, both our organization as well as other organizations and communities in resistance. We hold responsible the current government, the groups of anti-Mapuche settlers, and pseudo Mapuche leaders that have never have been part of the Mapuche struggle, like Santos Reinao, Arturo Millahual, and other known yanakonas (traitors). They serve as political operatives for winka (white, colonial, non-Mapuche) parties, also providing their services to the forest company, Forestal Mininco. In the face of this dirty campaign, we reaffirm our pathway of territorial and political struggle, continuing the process of land recuperation and resistance to the invasion of forest companies.

We make a call out to our people to not fall into the traps of the winka (white, colonial, non-Mapuche), who seek to divide us, making us fight amongst ourselves. Apart from bringing violence and confrontation, the intervention of Forestal Mininco only brings economic benefits to a few individuals. Currently, the majority of our people are dedicated to expelling the forest industry due to the grave environmental damage it is causing in our ancestral territory. To our Mapuche people, we encourage you to not take the wrong path. We will never see our own brothers as enemies, but we reaffirm, in the face of the proposal from the forest company, Forestral Mininco, to arm Mapuche people to defend company interests, we will not accept any attack or aggression against any militant or member of our organization, nor any other organization in the Mapuche struggle. We expressly and firmly support our militants and members who live in the Lleu lleu zone.

Lastly, with humility, we make a call out to all of the most dignified expressions of the Mapuche struggle, who have not sold out, who continue processes of struggle and resistance, and to the Mapuche people in general, to seek unity in this new stage of struggle. We can organize ourselves and advance toward a better goal. Let’s not allow our differences to leave space for the yanakonas (traitors) to continue installing more forest industry, like a cancer in our territory.

Pu peñi pu lamien, today is time to be more conscious than ever about the reality we are facing. The advance of this company will not only mean a defeat for Lavkenche territory, but for our entire Mapuche nation-people. The damage and the prejudice of this industry affects our people in a transversal way.

Amulepe taiñ weichan!!

With resistance and territorial control, we will advance toward Mapuche National Liberation.

Freedom for Daniel Canio y all Mapuche Political Prisoners!

Weuwaiñ, Marrichiweu!!

Communities which make up the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM):

Lof Renaco Pastales, nagche (chol-chol )
Lof Temulemu, nagche (traiguen)
Lob inaltu leubu, Ranquilwe, lavkenche (Tirua)
Lof We futa rincón, nagche (lumaco)
Lof Pichi Rukayeco, nagche (lumaco)
Lof Huemal Curin, huilliche (Mafil)
Lof Llollowenko, nagche (los sauces)
Lof Herrera Antifilo, huilliche (panguipulli)
Lof Yeupeko, wenteche (Vilcún)
Lof Chivilcoyan, lavkenche (Nueva Imperial)
Lof Pidenco, nagche territory (Lumaco)
Lof Wenu Winkul, nagche (Temuco)
Lof Quelen-quelen, lavkenche, (Cañete)
Lof Wampo Mallin, nagche (Galvarino)

Lof Temulemu hico, wenteche (Victoria)

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