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Wuppertal, Germany: Against the curfew! – All Out!

Wuppertal. Germany. There has been a curfew in Wuppertal since Monday, April 19, 2021. But of course we have gone out anyway.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Slightly edited, e.g. in the preface the date was missing in the original article. Translated by Enough 14.

UPDATE April 20, 01:00 pm: City authorities have changed the local curfew after just one day. The curfew now starts at 10:0 pm instead of 09:00 pm. Going out for a walk alone will be allowed…

The curfew started in the night from Sunday to Monday at 00:00. A comrade who was outside after the curfew started informed us that the cops saw him but did not even stop him. However, the municipality had already announced that it had given the order not to issue fines during the first five hours of the curfew. This order was probably also given because there was much confusion as to whether the curfew would start at 00:00 or 09:00 pm on Monday.

At 6:00 p.m. (Monday, April 19, 2021), a left-wing demonstration against the curfew took place in the city center. About 70 people came. We disagreed with some of the things that were said, but were still glad that some leftists finally took to the streets against the authoritarian state Corona measures. 70 people against curfews is not enough, of course, but the demo was organized and mobilized in a few days. The speech “Curfews? Everybody Out!” was well received.

The curfew started at 9:00 p.m., so it was time to go out again. We moved with a few people through Elberfeld and Barmen. We didn’t do a spontaneous demo or anything like that, we just wanted to see what was going on. We didn’t see many cops. Actually, apart from a few passing cop cars on Gathe, we didn’t see any cops at all. The cops on Gathe didn’t see us, we were hiding when they passed and then moved on. Comrades later informed us that the regulatory agency was in the Ölberg district with a convoy of 3 vehicles shortly before 10:00 pm. All in all, our nocturnal walk showed us that the cops and the Ordnungsamt seem not to be really capable to enforce the curfew.

Of course, people should be careful if they plan to go out during the curfew. The cops will probably put on a show of force in the coming days to pretend that they have everything under control. But they don’t; the cops can’t be everywhere. It’s up to us how things will develop during the curfew. With creativity and short but determined interventions, we can show that the cops don’t have things under control. That might encourage others to go out and do something.

A first mobilization video for the #AlleRausHier (Everybody Out! )campaign has appeared:

Posters are also available (PDF files below).

See you on the streets! Everybody Out!

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