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Wuppertal, Germany: Fireworks, barricades and paint – Angry spontaneous intervention against curfew

Wuppertal. Germany. Punctually at the start of the curfew at 10 p.m. on April 21, a small but determined spontaneous demo moved with smoke and fireworks in the Ölberg district in Wuppertal. Residents were informed with speeches about the critique against the curfew. Barricades were erected and the Ölberg district was covered in smoke with all colors of the rainbow. Unfortunately, we did not manage to block all the streets and the pigs found a way to spread out quite fast in the Ölberg district. We also did not manage to go into direct confrontation. Hopefully, a collective learning process has developed and we will manage to chase the pigs out of Ölberg in such situations in the future. Before the demo dispersed at Otto-Böhne-Platz, however, the adjacent Marien41 was covered with paint.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Black Star.

The vacant Marien41 was squatted and brutally evicted in 2015 (note Enough 14, 2014, not 2015). Instead of establishing a social center for the neighborhood as demanded, a “smart” “energy-efficient” house is now being created there and apartments are to be built. Urgently needed “social” housing will not be constructed.

On the demo route, there was repeated encouragement from the windows or from passers-by on the street. Apparently, many people are upset when they are no longer allowed to leave their homes after 10 p.m. without further ado.
As was to be expected, the Wuppertal police were not particularly enthusiastic about the demo and, after the sponteaneous demo had ended, they made this clear with a siege of the Ölberg district that lasted for hours. The media reported that two people were arrested after the demonstration. Should the people who were affected read this or if you know them, please contact the local legal team.

That curfews are of no use in the fight against a pandemic is obvious with a little understanding. Nevertheless, the fact that they were imposed only shows how overwhelmed those in power are with the situation. Broken health care systems and a logic that puts the interests of capital above the well-being of people are now hitting us all. But it is up to us to change this. Not by making demands of those in power, nor by voting for them on the ballot. We have to organize ourselves much better, set up our own basic and medical care, and finally send the hated state and its henchmen packing.

Yesterday’s spontaneous demo clearly showed that we can break the curfew. We can create collective moments in which we do not accept the repressive measures. The media outcry in Wuppertal is big, because of a little bit of fireworks and some barricades. Hopefully, some smart journalists will find a way to criticize the curfews in the dull media landscape.

Against their repression, against their laws.

For breaking curfews more often!

All out on the autonomous May Day in Wuppertal

Here is a short video of the events:

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