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Hannover, Germany: The curfew is back – so are we! Ninth radical left demonstration against the curfew

Hannover. Germany. Punctually at the start of the changed Infection Protection Act and the curfew that began with it, 150 people gathered from 9 p.m. at the Luther Church in the northern part of Hannover. From 10 p.m. they moved loudly through the streets.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Riot Turtle. Image by finn andorra.

Like the daily nightly demonstrations at the beginning of April against the regional curfew in Hannover, the protests were characterized by the initiative of residents and activists present. Shortly after the beginning of the rally it was therefore also called through a small loudspeaker to use the meeting to talk to each other and to discuss an appropriate way to deal with the Corona crisis and the authoritarian formation of society from a radical left perspective in small groups with distance and masks. Longer prepared speeches were therefore abandoned. Instead, an attempt was made to use the public space for what has so often been lost in the pandemic: coming together, discussing, planning actions together and getting active.

From 10 p. m. the demonstration started very loud with 150 participants through the empty streets of the northern part of the city. The demonstration was flanked by a large number of banners that made radical left positions clear. Pyrotechnics underlined the militant mood of the demonstration. Since all previous demonstrations against the curfew in Hanover had taken different routes, this demonstration again met with great interest of local residents who watched the demonstration from their windows and often shouted or waved encouragement. The media interest in this demonstration was also very high. Thus, the entire demonstration was accompanied and documented by several camera teams (such as the DPA) and a large number of press photographers.

For the coming nights, further demonstrations are planned. Currently, there are mobilizations for Sunday evening (25.04.) from 9 pm to Halim-Dener-Platz in Linden North (“Pfarrlandplatz”) and for Monday (26.04.) from 9 pm to Lutherkirche in the northern part of the city.

Let’s oppose the police state with a clear radical left perspective of solidarity and anti-authoritarianism. Let’s take to the streets against the curfew.

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