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Speech by Punex during his Ende Gelände trial – Solidarity with Locke, Lina, Dimitris Koufontinas and Mumia Abu-Jamal!

Grevenbroich. Germany. April 26. 2021. Today Punex was sentenced to 30 daily fines of 30,00€ each for his participation in the occupation of the Garzweiler open pit mine in 2019. The face of the judge changed several times during Punex’s closing plea during the trial. We document his speech.

Submitted to Enough 14. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Speech by Punex during his Ende Gelände trial

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

First of all, I wonder why I have to come here during Corona because of the crimes I am accused of. I’m supposed to not go out and I’m not even allowed to go out at night and the next thing I know I’m driving 55 km to get here? The benefit is that this already shows that this trial is not about right or wrong, but about enforcing the interests of capital. This can be denied gladly, whether that denial is credible, is another question. Wuppertal has an incidence of 268.45 (as of 23.04).

I am a bit irritated, probably because I am locked up every night. A pandemic which was triggered by zoonoses. Zoonoses are caused, among other things, by the destruction of the environment and if I say stop, that’s enough, I am the monster? While I sit here in front of you, our planet is being destroyed piece by piece. Every minute, excavators eat through the earth and destroy the heritage of what should be left to the next generations. Every day trees are cut to serve capitalist interests. I am not afraid of the consequences of my actions, why should I be? Your generation has declared war on my generation and the generations after it, we have every right to defend ourselves. We tried it with demonstrations, we used the legal framework and the rulers spat in our faces. The rulers stand there and tell us that everything went well until here. The only thing that is going well for you is that so far we have decided to stay peaceful. It is obvious that the rulers are driving the planet into the ground and show the middle finger to climate research.

In this case, me and a few thousand other people have chosen another way. The way of civil disobedience and we went into the pit, a piece of dead land, to say not one step further. How can one actually legally speak of trespassing although the area is not entirely enclosed? The police thanked us with broken bones, lacerations, chemical weapons and bruises. This, of course, with the backing of the judiciary. I don’t think that this is the best way of political confrontation. But if we are not listened to, if scientific knowledge is ignored and researchers are laughed at and deformed, I find it extremely respectful of us that we have used nice means like the one I am accused of. Be happy that we want Climate Justice and an end to capitalism and not revenge for all the climate deaths. You can’t make an omelette, without breaking eggs.

Finally, I would like to send solidarity greetings. Hello Locke, you were sentenced to 65 daily fines on 21.04.2021, I hope you have good people around you, you are not alone. I also send my regards to Lina, you have been in prison for months and you are treated like a terrorist, stay strong, you will not be forgotten. Lisa, welcome back to the open air prison. You were punished for daring not only to rattle your chains, but to expropriate them. Solidarity greetings to Dimitris Koufontinas, on whom the Greek government is taking its revenge. You are being tortured by those who demand that we comply with the law. Ridiculous. You did not succeed in getting your demand accepted, but you gave impulses that created new dynamics on the streets. Mumia Abu-Jamal, many seem to have forgotten you, I have not. Going for a walk is probably forbidden & not only in the times of Corona. We will not retreat one meter. You all have made sure that I have no fear and the rulers have made sure that I have nothing to lose. Greetings go out to the Berliners, ass up make the rent cap, defend projects & ask the property question again and again. I greet all our friends around the world.

Thank you for listening.


Grevenbroich, Germany, April 26, 2021

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