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Berlin: Curfew?! BREAK IT! Call for May 01 & 08

What follows is a call from Berlin against the curfew. We think it is important to document calls like this, as we see curfew enforcement and resistance against it as a landslide with potentially historic dimensions. This call was originally published by Kontrapolis (in German).

Originally pulished by Kontrapolis. Translated by Enough 14.

Berlin: Curfew?! BREAK IT! Call for May 01 & 08

May 1: Cornern in Kreuzberg 36 (Berlin)- The night is ours!
May 8: Critical Mass – 08:30 p.m. (20:30) – Mariannenplatz (Berlin)

For almost two weeks now, every evening at 10 p.m., but no later than midnight, silence descends on the city. Cops patrol the streets with the authority to stop anyone who crosses their path. In the process, it has been proven: The curfew does not break a wave!

While the big shots in Grunewald are having their barbecue in their garden, young people are being chased away from Gleisdreieckpark to Görli. Instead of meeting outside, where it is relatively safe, more and more people are forced indoors. This is not a sensible pandemic measure, but a move out of the authoritarian box that politicians always open when they have no other ideas.
We cannot and will not accept this. We will not let the state dictate when we are allowed to leave our house and when we are not. For more than 12 months we have been taking care of each other, protecting ourselves from infections, we know how to do that. The danger from infection does not lurk outside, but in open-plan offices and the commuter train.

That is why we will continue to take to the streets and break the curfew:

Come to Kreuzberg 36 on Saturday night or stay there after the demo! Corner with us between Görli, Mariannenplatz and Kotti! Bring your New Year’s Eve leftovers, light a fire if it’s still chilly and show your solidarity with the people who are daily affected by police checks here. The night belongs to us!

We will take to the streets against this shitty curfew until it falls. Therefore, we call on the next Critical Mass on Saturday May 08 from 08:30 p. m. (20:30)! Last Saturday we already drove 17 km unregistered by bike through the city to bring our anger to the streets. Come to Mariannenplatz! Be as creative as you want, the Critical Mass has neither a route nor an official organizer. Bring flyers, loudspeakers, signs and whatever else you feel like. Mobilize wherever you want. If the cops block the starting point, we will gather in the surrounding neighborhood.

Don’t want a curfew at all – strike for the work stoppage!

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  1. The night belongs to us!

    We will take to the streets against this shitty curfew until it falls.

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