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May Day in Paris [Report and videos]

Paris. France. An estimated 30,000 people took part in the traditional May Day demonstration in Paris. A large part of them was mobilized by trade unions such as the CGT, the Gilets Jaunes and more or less left-wing groups. Kurdish, Palestinian and Algerian structures were also present, presenting their specific demands. The mobilization from the anarchist or autonomous spectrum was modest and started only a week before the date.

Originally published by Indymedia. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Around 02:30 p.m., the kilometer-long demonstration started from Place de la République; the Gilets Jaunes’ demonstration towards the main demo had already clashed with the cops beforehand. The demonstration, which had been peaceful until then, was stopped after twenty minutes and a few hundred meters by officers of the Brigades de répression des actions violentes motorisées (BRAV-M, cops on motor bikes) to prevent the formation of a Black Bloc, a police spokesman told the media. CRS cops clubbed the first rows to snatch strengthened banners. Without this action, the demo might have ended without incident, because people were almost completely surrounded by a trellis, and only a few people had brought material.

After the attack and the split of the demo, thousands spread out at Boulevard Voltaire at this point, pushing the trellis off the sidewalk and smashing bank branches, a real estate office, a Carfour supermarket and municipal furniture. In between, they were finally supplied with throwing material and the first attempts of the cops to regain control of the situation went down in a hail of stones. A Massive use of gas and other usual grenades by the French security forces followed, after an hour the crowd was surrounded and exhausted. The demonstration was then able to move on to the Place de la Nation.

Here are some videos:

For some unknown reason, the crowd made themselves comfortable in a huge police kettle, eagerly shooting gas into the crowd. At some point, people clashed with the CGT stewards, who are hated for their constant cooperation with the cops. Some CGT cars were demolished, the union speaks of numerous injuries on their side. On the Internet, however, videos of the use of pepper spray and batons by the CGT stewards are circulating:

The police had enough forces available to attack a gathering of young people in the Parc de Bercy to provoke a typical Corona Riot, video of which:

According to media reports, about 40 people were arrested, 3 cops are believed to be somewhat more seriously injured. According to media reports, about 40 people were arrested, 3 cops are probably a little more seriously injured.

Meanwhile during May Day clashes in Lyon (France):

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