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Wuppertal, Germany: Autonomous May Day demonstration in Oberbarmen district sets colorful accents [Report and video]

Wuppertal. Germany. We have deliberately decided not to demonstrate in the northern part of the city today, the autonomous May Day in Wuppertal. If the cops think to besiege whole districts like the northern part of the city to nip any protest in the bud, we come together, self-determined, in other neighborhoods of the city to make our struggles visible there. We think that we should work out and try out more new concepts to see which paths we can take to be resistant and uncontrollable, to expand our scope of action and not let ourselves be controlled.

Originally published by Indymedia DE and AZ Wuppertal YouTube Channel. Translated by Riot Turtle. Image above: Screenshot of the Autonomous May Day video.

That’s why we gathered at Berliner Square today, which is classified as a “danger zone” by the cops. We marched loudly through the streets of the Oberbarmen district with a determined demonstration. By establishing a special rights zone labeled as a “danger zone”, the police authorizes itself to arbitrarily carry out identity checks and to issue presence bans and expulsions from the area. For residents, workers and people who move in the area around the square and the adjacent streets, this procedure has dramatic consequences: They are constantly exposed to the danger of police control. The aim of the constant controls is to displace undesirable groups of people (such as alcoholics, youths, drug users) from the public space. It is therefore not surprising that the public prosecutor’s office in Wuppertal, in close cooperation with the city and the police, has launched the project “Public Prosecutor on the Spot”. On our way through the streets of Oberbarmen, we paid a visit to a temporary employment agency and gave the windows and facade a fresh paint job. Bring on the good life! Right now, for all and everyone! For social revolution! All out for the autonomous May Day in Wuppertal and anywhere else!

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