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Helsinki, Finland: Banner Against Tigray Genocide

Helsinki. Finland. As a response to the call for a Global Week of Action against the Tigray Genocide and Starbuck’s made by our comrades in the Horn of Africa, we dropped a banner by a busy railway track next to the Helsinki Central Railway Station. The Ethiopian state has waged merciless war against the ethnic minority in Tigray for over half a year, aiming for a homogenous nation state.

Originally published by Takku.

The most important export for the Ethiopian state is coffee which produces a billion US dollars a year, fueling the genocide machine. One of the most significant buyers of Ethiopian coffee is Starbuck’s which has a few cafes also in Helsinki. Part of their revenue goes directly to the warfund of the Ethiopian state.

Like our comrades from the south we encourage all people of conscience to engage in diverse direct action against Starbuck’s and other enablers of the war as well as against the Ethiopian state!

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