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Indigenous guards: Symbol of peace, resistance and hope for life [Cali, Colombia]

Statement by Nasa Çxhaçxha on indigenous guards during the revolt in Colombia.

Originally published by Nasa Çxhaçxha. Translated by Riot Turtle.

The indigenous guards: “guardians of life” arrived last Sunday, May 2, in the city of Cali, with the sole purpose of supporting, mediating and discussing between the parties of the national strike.

As defenders of life and territory, the guards have played a fundamental role in the mediation of conflicts and disharmony, and have also become a symbol of peace, resistance and hope for the country. Being the word and a ‘baton of command’ the only weapons to protect their lives and the lives of others.

In the midst of the chaos that the country is experiencing today, the ‘guardians of life’ as guarantors of human rights, have moved to the most critical points of Cali to reach consensus, dialogue and accompany the demonstrators in their social protest.

“In the sites of confrontation we have arrived with an objective which is to mediate with our community members so that they have a clear objective that we train the demonstrators to continue a national strike exercise,” Janer Quina, coordinator of the guard of the Association of Territorial Ancestral Authorities Nasa Çxhãçxha, said.

During this momentum that the country is going through, the guard has managed to get the members of the Mobile Anti-Riot squad of the National Police Esmad and the military forces to cease their actions against the protesting population. An example of this was the very serious situation that had occurred days before in the areas of El Puente El Comercio, Siloé and Puerto Rellena, where the result during the days of protest were always fatalities and injuries.
The non-presence of the security forces precisely when the defenders of life are present, demonstrates once again the respect and affection that the population has for this team of workers.

Because of their political commitment and work, the guardians of life are received with pride, respect and affection by the inhabitants of this city and the Colombian people, as they have shown in their territorial campaigns.

“In the places where we have arrived, we have always had a good reception from the population, where they have all the hope that the indigenous movement will make people’s lives respected, it is something very special, they receive us in a joyful and respectful way,” he said.

In this sense and as a sign of responsibility, the Kiwe thegnas continue with this exercise of territorial control and defense of life.

Comunicaciones Nasa Çxhãçxha , May 7, 2021

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