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Medios Libres Cali: Support the stuggle in Colombia

Cali. Colombia. Crowdfunding campaign by Medios Libres Cali to buy supplies for the permanent concentration points of the national strike in Cali.

Originally published by Vaki.

You can support the stuggle in Colombia here.

On April 28th, 2021, Colombia started the “Paro Nacional” (National Strike) that initially focused on the Tax Reform Project proposed by the Government but then gathered the popular discontent, a product of decades of social inequality, marginality, and state inefficiency. Cali, the largest city of the Colombian southwest has been the vanguard of national protests, not only by mass concentrations and spatial dispersion but for the multicultural expressions that has its origin on the diversity of population through the Hillside, Eastside, to the Downtown and so on… People who have taken on their bodies the resistance of this Paro Nacional, which has extended over 9 days by now.

In opposition to the joy the people has brought to the different points, the Government’s response has been declaring war against the civil protesters that reclaim their rights. Since April 28th, the Human Rights Organization that has more reported human rights violations cases marked 37 killed persons, 222 wounds -110 by gunfire-, 832 detentions and at least 10 cases of sexual violence. The Colombian Government through the Defensoría del Pueblo (People’s Deffensory Department), only recognizes 19 killed persons. Besides the exact number of victims -due to the under-reporting caused by the fear of population if they make a denunciation- the reality is that a large portion of the Western World is shocked by the police brutality registered on social media videos. The UN, whose Commission denunciated gunshots and police harassment while they were verifying a concentration point here in Cali, like the EU, has condemned these events officially.

On the other hand, due to the blockades in all the city’s entries, there’s been a shortage of many basic products like eggs, meat, milk, or even gas. Though yesterday there was an accord and the beginning of a humanitarian corridor that allowed the entrance of some groceries, it’s still unknown if it would be permanent or even able to distribute the products. All of this goes with a great amount of uncertainty and unrest that a large portion of the city is experiencing right now.

In this context, we frame this economic help request, both national and international not only to bring to the light what’s happening on the concentration points but to economically support the organized communities and along with these resources be able to provide them with food, healthcare, and first aids supplies, and logistic, transportation expenses so they can reach the most geographically apart points.

Medios Libres Cali (Cali Free Media), conjunction of many alternate and free media of the city that have joined together according to the necessity of breaking the media blockade, have set a contact with many concentration and organized points to whom we would deliver these resources; through a net of Human Rights defenders that have established all around the city, with whom we work hand-to-hand on the mobilizations cover and support.

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