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Chile: Our resistance will be against all forms of power

Chile. Statement by Asamblea Libertaria Santiago.

Originally published by La Peste. Translated by Riot Turtle.

We, the proletarians (the class that only possesses its labor power to survive and feels capitalist exploitation the most), in the struggle for our emancipation and abolition of capitalist social relations, must advance in building – independently from those who support the current order – our own class structures that will allow us to overcome the structures that oppress us and thus gain control of our lives.

We believe that representation in state institutions and the achievement of reforms will not bring about any real progress on the road to our emancipation. The State and its powers are not neutral tools that can be used against the whim of those in charge. It has the function of ensuring the maintenance and perpetuation of capital’s rule. Repressing and disciplining are inherent attributes of capitalism, regardless of rulers in office.

October 18 showed us that in autonomous organized action it is possible to transform our lives and look after the needs of our class, something that the institutional path never even came close to. Therefore, it is important to continue with the building and strengthening of autonomous bodies and to understand that there will be no way out of our misery if we rely on the structures that capitalism provides for its survival, but instead on our own ability to overcome capitalist domination. As well as to develop and elaborate our own emancipatory program.

Only with class autonomy will we advance in the building of an authentic force capable of putting an end to the misery imposed on our lives.

Domination will not come to an end by extending the constitution.

Asamblea Libertaria Santiago, May 6, 2021

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