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Cali, Colombia: Shooting against indigenous Minga was carried out by personnel dressed in civilian clothes and escorted by units of the National Police

Cali. Colombia. May 10. 2021. Another statement by Nasa Çxhaçxha on the attacks with firearms against indigenous Minga in Cali.

Originally published by Nasa Çxhaçxha. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Twelve people were injured as a result of the firearm attacks on the mingueros. This act was carried out by personnel dressed in civilian clothes and escorted by units of the National Police. These events took place yesterday afternoon, Sunday, May 9, against the vehicles that were circulating peacefully and transporting the mingueros in the southern part, ciudad Jardín, of Cali.

The indigenous minga supports the people of Cali in the national strike. Daniela Soto, a young woman who leads projects with young people and women in the territory, and is part of “UN Women”, today is one of the seriously injured and her prognosis is reserved.

According to a report submitted to this media by the technical, political and legal team of the Association of Ancestral Territorial Authorities Nasa Çxhãçxha, in an exclusive interview for Nasa Çxhãçxha communications, they stated that young women of the indigenous guard of the ancestral territory of Pickwe Tha Fiw, accompanied the victims to health care centers where they were treated and in this way ensure the good treatment of the injured mingueros and their respective hospital care, as a guarantee strategy for the victims of the attack by hired assassins.

On the other hand, these young women of the guard observed the presence of policemen in civilian clothes around the hospitals where the injured were brought to: “there is a very complicated issue and that is that one of the patients had to be transferred to Valle del Lili, a center of high complexity care.”

It should be mentioned that two people posing as the prosecutor’s office and one posing as an agent of the prosecutor’s office, who did not identify themselves, “tried to conduct interviews with them.”

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