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Bucaramanga, Colombia: The strike continues

Colombia. Bucaramanga. May 11. 2021. For almost two weeks, citizens have been mobilized through cultural expressions that have filled the days of protest organized during the National Strike in the city. Marches, concerts, community kitchens and educational workshops have all contributed to a strong mobilization that continues in spite of the state terrorism against those who protest.

Originally published by Colombia Informa. Translated by Riot Turtle.

“The strike does not stop” is one of the main slogans echoed by students, teachers, artists, women, among other social sectors who have been marching through the streets of Bucaramanga (Santander) on a daily basis.

Although the enthusiasm and encouragement to maintain the protests remains strong, as in other cities in the country, in Bucaramanga there have also been multiple cases of police abuse against protesters. “There have been multiple violations of the fundamental right to social protest, to life, to personal integrity and other human rights”, assures the Pueblos Legal Team in the Human Rights bulletin published on May 5.

Between April 28 and May 10, the Pueblos Legal Team recorded 28 people injured by the police and Esmad, 69 arbitrary detentions in Bucaramanga and its metropolitan area, and eight violations of the work of human rights defenders (beatings, harassment, torture, attacks with tear gas and grenades).

In the face of police brutality, the Primera Línea has consolidated itself as a self-protection alternative for those who participate in the mobilizations.

Together with the Primera Linea, the people of Bumagua continue to participate in the daily calls that reach the city to participate in the national strike.

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