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Colombia: The case of Johan Moreno, Human Rights defender tortured by the Police

Colombia. May 14. 2021. On May 4, in Piedecuesta (Santander), Johan Moreno, a human rights defender and member of the Pueblos Legal Team, was attacked and tortured at night. His aggressors and torturers are members of the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police -Mebuc.

Originally published by Colombia Informa. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Translation Tweet above: In Bucaramanga it has been denounced that the human rights defender, Johan Sebastián Moreno Castro, arrested, beaten and choked by members of the police, will be prosecuted. Human rights defenders warn about this judicial set-up.

Moreno was carrying out his work as a defense attorney when he was cornered by several police officers, including Captain Andrés Perez. The latter arrested him on the grounds of allegedly committing the offenses of attacking a public servant and personal injury.

During his detention, he was tortured by the police. He was left with a 4 cm deep open wound on his head, a bruised shoulder, arm and knee. In the Immediate Response Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office, he was denied basic necessities such as going to the bathroom, drinking water, and his hand was kept handcuffed for the entire duration of his detention.

The Pueblos Legal Team filed a counter charge of Habeas Corpus involving Captain Andres Perez, Patrolman Anibal Mejia Fuentes and the Piedecuesta Ombudsman, Fredy Gomez.

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