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Colombia: SOS Yumbo

Colombia. Cauca Valley. Yumbo. The Mobile Anti-Riot squad (Esmad) continues to brutally and murderously attack the people of Yumbo, with unofficial reports of one person dead and more than twenty injured, women, elderly and children suffering from tear gas.

Originally published by Lo Que Somos. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Through social networks, activists along with residents of the municipality of Yumbo, located in the Cauca Valley department, reported clashes between protesters and Esmad in the popular neighborhood of La Estancia, located near the local Ecopetrol facility, from which fuel is distributed to the southwest of the country.

The attacks (by riot cops) were denounced at a national level by the senator for the Polo Democrático party, Wilson Arias, who wrote the following message on his Twitter account at 2:30 a.m.:

Translation of tweet above: Very urgent. At this hour I am informed of an attack on the Estancia point in Yumbo. They ask for solidarity, assistance from Human Rights, control agencies and media.

Apparently, the conflict was triggered when the security forces proceeded to unblock the road that connects the municipality with the capital of the Cauca Valley, Cali: 3 of the 4 barricades removed by Esmad provoked a reaction of demonstrators and activists in the municipality.

Translation of tweet above: “At this moment people are being shot at in Yumbo. Several people are reported injured and apparently (still unconfirmed), a woman killed. #SOSYumbo”

Yumbo, an industrial municipality 20 minutes from Cali, has Ecopetrol storage tanks for the supply of gasoline to the southwest of Colombia.

The tensions between residents and security forces are the prelude to a dialogue between civil authorities and representatives of the National Committee, convened for 9:00 a.m. this Monday, May 17.

This Monday, May 17, marks 20 uninterrupted days of National Strike in Colombia.

Translation Tweet above: The people united will never be defeated #sosyumbo the people take control .

On Lo Que Somos you will find additional audio files in Spanish.

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