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Berlin: Note on a revolting moment at Mariannen square on May 16

Berlin. On the evening of May 16, a rather large and mixed bunch of people hung out at Mariannen square. Shortly after the start of the curfew, a crew of the 14 EHu riot police squad approached the square.

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Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Since everybody is now familiar with this spectacle, as soon as the uniforms became visible from their flashlights, all people set off in different directions, to the next place, home or for a walk around the block. A few did not let themselves be stressed, they took a little more time to leave.

That seemed to be enough of an excuse for the cops to push them around. One person was promptly tackled, which immediately led to loud screams from several corners. As quickly as everyone had left, they came back together and the cops were pushed together and surrounded under a loud “Everybody in Berlin hates the police” chorus. Quickly the first pepperspray is pulled and cops make an effort to arrest one surrounded person kneeling and tugging on him and try to catch even more of the people who interfered. Unfortunately, it is not enough to break out of the arrest, but the cops are unable to grab more people. Soon they seem to realize that they no longer have the upper hand.

Spirits are high. The light of the street lamps glitter in the bottles in the air before they hit helmets that have been put on hectically.
Again a lot of pepperspray is sprayed while the cops are pushed down to the street. Bottles and anything that is movable flies, while the uniformed ones flee back to their van with their arms raised, for protection. A constant hail of flying objects accompanies them over the 30 meters. In the process, the arrested person continues to be dragged along. The van also takes bottles and stones while evading, at full speed, rental bicycles that also wanted to be part of this moment on the street.
The moment is over and everybody leaves knowing that not all of Berlin is pacified and the struggle is not all lost.

During the following hours, columns of police vans race through the streets and several dog units besiege the neighborhood. Everywhere people are harassed and put up against the walls by riot cops with helmets. They rapidly try to cover up the moment of the loss of control with striking superiority.

The cop media reports 10 injured and one cop in the hospital.

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