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Letter from Political Prisoner Juan Pirce, Arrested for Possession of Weapons and Explosives in Wallmapu

So-called Chile. Letter from political prisoner Juan Pirce, imprisoned in Traiguén prison.

Originally published by Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Traiguén, April 9, 2021

I am writing to you from the Traiguén prison, from the dungeons of the Chilean Dictatorship, controlled by the business and landlord right, by the transnational economy and its neoliberalism and designed by economic imperialism imposed by blood and fire.

As a consequence of an intelligence operation designed by the police to justify their inefficiency and robbery and pressured by power, the right wing desperate for its moribund institutionalism has orchestrated this activity: with the false excuse of looking for a marijuana plantation, they surrounded the block of my home. The OS7, the GOPE, LABOCAR and the Local Police also cornered, threateningly, the house of my retired parents, who were in the company of their great-grandson and their mother. I was in my house, accompanied by two young friends who have not hurt anyone.

With the excuse of a false operation for a non-existent marijuana plantation, they raided my house, from where a long list of artifacts and weapons appears surprisingly. Nothing about their planting, but of course, in an artistic movement, like a magician in a hat, they have turned me into the most dangerous man seeking to link me to as much as they can, reproducing the same novel of “Operation Hurricane”; the courts have once again been deceived .

It is a secret for no one who knows me that in my life I have striven for political construction in search of justice, equality, happiness and freedom; everyone who knows me knows of my admiration for those who sought the same and who also lost their freedom, even life. My affinity with the workers, with the people, with the poor, with the popular world is known.

My affinity with the Mapuche Nation People is also known, for their worldview, for their struggle for Autonomy and Territory and for the search for their dignity and freedom that I share.

I assume the consequences of my convictions, I am clear that it is that tremendously well-known conviction that has led to the orchestration of this sinister plan, woven by the intelligence of the ANI, together with the cadres of the former U.I.O.E. that have been haunting me for months now.

When the only thing you have is the word and the principles, there is no alternative but to carry that at the cost of the consequences.


Now in this cell, in the Traiguén prison, permanently guarded at its door by the Gendarmerie special services unit, with the light on day and night and supporting the coming and going of captains who seek to know me and make sure of my confinement; without being able to get out of it and without communication with anyone, it will be difficult to get these letters out of here, to communicate with you.

I ask public opinion, the residents, the people of my neighborhood, Do not be fooled; this government lies and discredits me; I am not an enemy.

To those who know me I say, I’m fine, I’ll be fine, I won’t be intimidated.

To those who believe in the same thing as me, to those who also seek freedom and justice, to those who want to build love and happiness, I say:

Our fight continues; We will defeat Amulepe tain weichan; Wewaiñ Autonomy, Territory and Freedom.


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