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Colombia – present day to 2019 – A chronology

Colombia. Whilst English-language anarchist and other anti-statist sites show how brutal capitalism in Colombia is, and show their solidarity with the uprising there, as far as I can see they give little information or critique – if any – about the ideas and ideologies of the participants in this uprising, nor of how anti-state ideas are received, nor of whether this movement is trying to go beyond strikes and riots – say, with occupations, organised expropriation and distribution of necessities, etc. Worse, they tend to concentrate on the protesters solely as victims of the obviously repulsive cop brutality, whilst writing  little about the excellent attacks on cops, looting, pulling down of statues, attacks on state or local state buildings, etc.

Submitted to Enough 14. Originally published by dialectical delinquents.

Obviously, living in France and having no contacts in Colombia I have no means of knowing much of what, at this level, has been happening. We have seen, for instance in the uprising in Chile in 2019, how anarchists, almost invariably, and certainly those in organisations, supported the idea of a change of constitution. They seem to have not only forgotten that a change of paper changes nothing but one suspects remaining silent about such a reform of the state was pursued for opportunist reasons of making themselves popular. One would hope that that will change – in Colombia as in Chile as in other countries in South America, though it’d probably take a degree of courage to go against the increasing tendency to hold back on significant critiques.

The chronology below gives a bit of detail about what subversive events are taking place in Colombia, but doesn’t talk much  of the obvious brutality of the cops nor of the obvious misery state policies are inflicting, facts which should already be well-known to anybody interested. But it seems  like the only way I can express a minimal solidarity with the movement there other than trying to contribute to social contestation in the part of the world I live in.

My Spanish is pretty poor, so these are Deepl Translations. They are largely taken from mainstream articles and so often reflect the smug idiocies of ruling moralism and ideologies, with their standard hypocrisies, but the facts are interesting.

Read the full chronology here.

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