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Barricades in Memory of Mauricio Morales in Montevideo, Uruguay [Video]

Montevideo. Uruguay. Statement and video about an action to commemorate Mauricio Morales.

Originally published by Attaque. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

From the usurped territory by Uruguayan State. On the night of Tuesday, May 18, we decided to block, by fire, one of the access roads to the city of Montevideo.

We feel alongside compas that, day after days, challenge the ordinariness of prison, using their bodies as a bastion to fight. We send them a wink of an accomplice, made of love and rage, which exceeds the boundaries imposed by States and the capital.

In memory of Mauricio Morales, comrade fallen in combat on May 22, 2009, we want to send an affectionate and warm embrace to his friends and his affinities, who remember him every day in the fight.

Solidarity with anarchist and subversive prisoners around the world!

For the extension of the revolt!

Long live the permanent insurrection!

Long live anarchy!

In this month of May of black memory, we remember compas fallen in combat and, in solidarity with the anarchist and subversive prisoners in Chile, Italy, Greece and around the world, we concretize our rage by the complicit and anarchic fire of the struggle.

To exceed borders, walls and bars.

For the extension of the revolt!

Long live the permanent insurrection!

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