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Campaign for the release of Gabriel Pombo da Silva

Gabriel Pombo da Silva is a well-known Galician anarchist militant who has spent more than 30 years in prison. Always at the crossroads of repression, both Spanish and from other European States, for his commitment to the anti-capitalist struggle, he wrote a book during his stay in jail – Diario e ideario de un delincuente -, as well as different booklets – gathered in the book Parte de un appido— and other writings.

Originally published by KAOS. Translated by The Free Online.

Our colleague Gabriel Pombo remains kidnapped in prison after serving 33 years, even though his sentence expired for more than 6 years ago, according to the rules of a fallacious and criminal “rule of law”.

After 3 and a half years of freedom, he has been illegally detained again and since the end of last June, Gabriel has been imprisoned in the Mansilla de la Mulas prison (León).

They continue to observe him to see if something has changed in his gaze, in his attitude always worthy of him in his rejection of the hypocritical prison “respect”.

As anarchists against any system of confinement, we do not care if it is legal or illegal, but in the sense of justice (not of the State’s) we maintain and vindicate it.

In coherence we demand:

  1. Total extinction of the accumulated sentence made in 1990, after more than 30 years of effective compliance.
  2. Prohibition of compliance with inhuman and degrading penalties, both by the European Convention on Human Rights and in the constitutional guarantees themselves.
  3. Application, in equality, of the principle of specialty included in the European Union standard, transposed into domestic law.
  4. Access to penitentiary benefits in accordance with the general penitentiary organic law, in equal treatment.

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