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Amsterdam June 12: Demonstration for Anarchy

Amsterdam. On Saturday June 12 (02:00 p. m. 14:00), the Vrije Bond Amsterdam is organising a demonstration for anarchy at the Mercatorplein in Amsterdam. We’ve seen the anarchist movement growing for quite a while now and we want to show our strength on the streets. The Vrije Bond is growing with more members, expanding is functions and more and more local and thematic groups are joining up! We want to take to the streets with all of us together to show what we are fighting for. To show that the anarchist movement is alive and kicking. To show that we will fight against any forms of oppression anywhere we see them. And to show that we are building alternatives to create a better world. 

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

You can find the call out here:

Demonstration divided in 5 blocks

De demonstration itself will be divided in 5 different blocks. One for each of the different anarcho flags: black-pink for queer anarchism, black-red for anarcho-communism and anarcho-syndicalism, black-purple for anarcha-feminism, black-green for ecological anarchism and black-black for the classics. We want to invite all groups and individuals to join up with one of the blocks and help give it shape. You can do this in any number of ways: bring signs and banners, someone to give a speech, come up with your own slogans and disseminate those, bring your own soundsystem, etc. Which block would you like to join? Do you have an idea to add to one of the blocks, but you want to ask us something about it or want our help?
Mail us at:

We need your help

We can still use all the help we can find to make this demonstration a true success. We are looking for people to help distribute flyers and posters for the demo, who want to take up tasks at the demonstration, who can disseminate the anouncement of the demo online, people who want to flyer on the demo itself and much more!

Do you want to help? Mail us at

Everybody come to the demonstration!

Show the world what the anarchist movement is made out of!
No bosses or politicians, but selforganisation and anarchy!
Stay safe, stay dangerous,

Vrije Bond Amsterdam

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