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Berlin: General assembly to intensify our struggles

Sunday 6.6.2021 – 02:00pm (14:00) – Mehringhof

Berlin. We invite your structures and you people to the General Assembly (GA) on 06.06.21 at Mehringhof, for a general reflexion and discussion about our tactics in the pasts months but also, and most importantly, about how we continue the struggle for our spaces that are under constant attack. Those places are important for our self-organization, where we share solidarity and mutual-aid. Additionaly, some are also living spaces that are threatened by a gentrification process that affect all the city and contribute to the the marginalization and elimination of some parts of the society. For this reason, we don’t want to focus only on the structure of Interkiezionale, but on all people that feel connected with emancipatory struggles in the city.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

Here are some questions we hope can enable us to go into a reflection and  be ready to debate in the GA:

How do we continue with our struggle? As we see in the pasts months, our defensive position doesn’t prevent the loss of spaces. Do we want to continue this way or can we change? Do we have some proposals?

Why is there so little convergence of the struggles that we have a clear ideal connection with? How should we change our approach to other structures? How we can create stronger solidarity networks between us?

Do we want to keep the focus on special days (eg.Tag X) or we want to mobilize broader against the attack on our struggles?

R94 and Køpi Wagenplatz are the projects that are threatened now and facing a possible eviction. Which tactics should we use? Can we break with the prevailing defensive dynamic and work on other ways?

We propose some workshops/exercises through information sharing to push our demo culture after the VV.

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