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Whether Amazonas, Hambi or Osterholz: Every Tree Counts! – Another call from the forest

Wuppertal. Haan. Germany. Call for an All Forests Remain block at the Osterholz Remains demonstration on June 12, 2021, 02:00 p. m. (14:00), Döppersberg – Bahnhofsvorplatz, Hbf (Main Train Station), Wuppertal (Germany). The Osterholz forest is squatted since August 15, 2019.

Originally published by Jeder Baum Zählt. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Another call from the forest

We welcome that there are more and more forest occupations, the resistance against deforestation is growing. But the number of forest occupations also shows that the old world continues to destroy the habitat of animals, plants and trees, as if there is no climate and biodiversity crisis at all. More and more people have realized that we need to stop the “keep on keeping on” policy. We need the forest. Not only because forests store a lot of CO2, but also to protect the many species that live in the forest. We fight for the beautiful life and against a policy that subordinates everything to the logic of profit.

The fight for the Dannenröder Forest is not over yet and all over the country people are fighting against further logging because of new highway projects. We welcome this. The lime industry is one of the supporting industries for road construction, because white hydrated lime and limestone powder are often used for it. In this sense, we see ourselves, also, as part of a growing movement for a transformation of transport.

In the Osterholz forest, clearing has been carried out for decades with salami tactics. In the current project of the limestone quarry of the Oetelshofen company, the next five hectares are at stake. The forest is occupied since August 15, 2019 and the fight for the preservation of this beautiful mixed forest is now entering a decisive phase.

In a renewed performance of “The Spectacle”, the Oetelshofen company announced in February “not to push the planned clearing at the present time”. After non-transparent discussions in back rooms with the mayor of Wuppertal, Uwe Schneidewind, actually nothing was achieved, because the company Oetelshofen did not even have a permit from the district government for their project at that time and they announced their temporary waiver of clearing one week before the end of the clearing season. In other words, the Oetelshofen company made an offer which simply wasn’t an offer. On May 19, the company made clear that it was only a temporary waiver of clearing. One of the managing directors, Moritz Iseke, told german daily newspaper Westdeutsche Zeitung(WZ): “We basically stick to the expansion of the slag heap.” There they already showed that they would stick to the clearing plans. On May 31, 2021, the company got their logging permit and the rehearsals for their theater play stopped with it.

That Oetelshofen tries to cover up their hostile project by criminalizing and defaming opponents of their clearing operation will not change anything. The struggle for the preservation of forests is legitimate and has now reached the penultimate phase in Osterholz.

Now the legal system, which makes the destruction of our livelihood possible, has decided to authorize the clearing operation. The wild shouting has stopped and the actors take their costumes out of the closet. It shows again that the rulers do not want to hear facts and they turn their weapons on living beings to enforce financial interests. The old game remains, but now we will slowly start to dance. We will let the soft sounds slowly be heard and approach our counterpart on our tiptoes. The beast is already roaring and drawing attention to itself. They know we will do whatever is necessary to defend the forest as good as we can. We will fight for every tree and every blade of grass. The rumbling has shown that you want to step on our toes, but it will take some time before the first pirouette. Dancing and resistance have a lot in common.

Osterholz Remains!

Moni Remains!

Garni Remains!

Besch Remains!

Hambi Remains

Therefore, we call for an All Forests Remain block on the Osterholz Remains demonstration on June 12, 2021, 02:00 p.m. (14:00) at Döppersberg – Bahnhofsvorplatz, Hbf (Main Train Station), Wuppertal,(Germany).

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