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Berlin: Defend Rigaer94 with Teeth and Claw – Demo June 17

Berlin. Call by the Interkiezionale network for a powerfull and offensive demo in case of an invasion of Rigaer 94 on June 17 at Boxhagener square at 08:00 p.m. (20:00).

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

On the 17th and 18th of June the so-called owner accompanied with the so-called Hausverwaltung, a fire security expert and cops will invade Rigaer94 using once again the excuse of fire security.

For us, as Interkiezionale, it’s clearly an attack on a self-organised and political active structure. While the social tensions in the city are rising, with people confronting the state-control in parks, demonstrating in thousands against gentrification and high rents, fighting back against cop attacks in demonstrations, places as Rigaer94 where the radical scene in Berlin can be adressed and reached are more necessary than ever.

And this is what the state strategy is trying to destroy. The connection between radical ideas and society. Putting profit and political dominance as their priority, those in power are taking away common spaces, places of confrontation, experimentation, self-organization, radicality.

The mainstream media speak yet again for „one of the last symbols of the radical scene of Berlin“. For us Rigaer94 is not a symbol, or some vague idea. It is the house of our comrades and friends, the hosting place of Keimzelle and Kadterschiede, the meeting point of different collectives. Rigaer94 is a political place, which for years now has never shied away from local and international struggles. A place where ideas of freedom against all forms of authority and oppression are cultivated and put into practice without compromise. This is why they want to destroy it and this is why we will defend it.

We would like to say to all those in power that if your hope is to annihilate us by taking away our spaces, you are sadly mistaken. We will not let you sleep soundly. You will only have us more determined and pissed off.
We shout it loudly so that there are no misunderstandings: we embrace the radicality of Rigaer94 and we will defend with tooth and claw !

That’s why in case of the invasion on the June the 17th we call the same day a powerfull and offensive demo at Boxhagener platz at 20.00.

Let’s show our solidarity by continuing the fight that Rigaer94 has already started! With collective experiences let’s take the step all together and attack the city of the rich!

For Rigaer94, Køpi Wagenplatz, Potse! For Liebig34, Meuterei, Syndikat! For all the threatened and evicted projects!

For us, for those who fought before us and those with whom we’ll fight!

For a city from below! For life!


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