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Chemnitz, Germany: Squatting action in solidarity with Rigaer94

Chemnitz. Germany. June 17. 2021. In Chemnitz, we squatted Reitbahnstraße 84 today in solidarity with Rigaer94. Reba 84 was a cultural project and free youth space near the city center until 2010.

Originally published by Indymedia DE (Tor adress).

After an investor allegedly bought up surrounding houses, he demanded from the city of Chemnitz and the Grundstücks- und Gebäudewirtschafst-Gesellschaft that all surrounding buildings be equally renovated. The city of Chemnitz complied with this request and then evicted the residents in August 2010. Thus, the city also took active action against the studios, workshops, cultural incubators and the event center operated by the residents.

As can be easily seen, the Reba 84 was never renovated and has been empty ever since. The house now looks more like a ruin and hardly reminds of a place where young people partied together and could organize themselves.

We are angry about every evicted house and about every free space that is destroyed. We will not forget Reba 84, nor the numerous projects and houses in Berlin that have been evicted by now.
We also call on our comrades in Chemnitz to act autonomously and send a signal to the cops.

1million+x for each eviction.

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