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Tübingen, Germany: Dark Colorful Demo in Solidarity with Rigaer 94 and Köpi Wagenplatz

Tübingen. Germany. On the evening of June 16, 2021, the day before the “fire inspection” at Rigaer 94 and about a week after the court case against Köpi Wagenplatz, we took to the streets in Tübingen to express our solidarity with these projects.

Originally published by Kontrapolis. Translated by Riot Turtle.

The demo was not registered and not publicly announced. So we could take the street self-determined and did not face, as so often lately, a massive police force, but only an overwhelmed patrol, which kept a very low profile. With motivated flintas in the front line, loud slogans, pyro and paint bombs against banks and shopping malls, we took back the city for a while to break through the often existing powerlessness and send greetings to Berlin and to all those affected by police (violence).
When the state and cops attack us or our companions, we cannot let it pass unanswered.
Cops out of the neighborhoods and out of the minds.

Rigaer 94 and Köpi stay!

We will all stay!

The following leaflet was distributed to passers-by:

Housing is not a commodity

Spontaneous protest against rent, for Rigaer 94 and the Köpi Wagenplatz

Perhaps you are wondering why a loud bunch of people is passing by here right now. We are demonstrating today because we are angry. Angry that housing is becoming more and more expensive and that many tenants can already no longer afford to live in cities. Year after year, rents are rising and many people are forced to leave their homes.

Specific triggers for our protest are two things:
A court decision from June 10, 2021, to force the Köpi-Wagenplatz in Berlin to leave the area they live in and tomorrow’s upcoming storming of Rigaer 94, a left-wing housing project, also in Berlin.
You can find more info about this on

Both projects belong to the few spaces where alternatives to our patriarchal and capitalist society are still being discussed, tried out and lived. They actively oppose the possibility of making profit with housing as a commodity. They are also two of the last places standing in the way of an increasingly expensive and gray city. They make an important contribution to a diverse city and offer people the opportunity to work together to resist rising rents. But these places are supposed to disappear, to make way for offices, shopping centers and apartments that only rich people can afford. That’s why we are angry!
We want Köpi-Wagenplatz, Rigaer 94 and all other projects to stay.

Furthermore, we fundamentally question the principle that housing is treated as a commodity. All people should have the opportunity to live for free. But actually we want to go even further:
We don’t want a city only for the rich.
We want a city for everyone.
We want a world without borders, property and oppression.
We want a world for all.
We want everything for everyone!

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