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Leipzig, Germany: Every day is day X – Demo for Rigaer 94 and Tiefe 3

Leipzig. Germany. A week ago, there was supposed to be an angry Day X+1 demo from Leipzig besetzen regarding the eviction of Tiefe 3.

Originally published by Kontrapolis. Image by @KollektivC. Translated by Riot Turtle.

We wanted to let it bang, but there were too many cops and not enough of us. Nevertheless, there were decentralized actions in the evening and it was still possible to build a demo. A bigger Day X demo was prevented by the pigs. However, we do not let ourselves be told when to take the street. Therefore we have called on Saturday evening to a spontaneous demo in the east of Leipzig. Same banner (apparently the cops are blind), same neighborhood, but this time without cops. On the short route, some windows were smashed, including the remnants of Sparkasse and a vacant store space of the owner of Tiefen 3 (Immovaria). We are happy to have sent a clear signal. Our solidarity also goes to the resistant people around Rigaer Street, who successfully defended their house. Your struggle has inspired us and shows that militant defenses are possible.

From Tiefe to Rigaer – we remain ungovernable!

Short criticism of the action at Sparkasse. Next time people must be found to get people out of the branch beforehand. They should not be the target of the attack.

More pictures and videos at:

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