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Italy: Anarchist comrade Natascia Savio is on hunger strike since June 16

Italy. From a video call this morning [June 19] with a comrade, Natascia made it known that on June 16, 2021, on her return to Vigevano prison after the preliminary hearing held in Turin for the ‘Scintilla’ trial in which she is a defendant, her temperature was taken and she was immediately put in an isolation cell.

Originally published by Malacoda.

When she realised that she was there to be transferred back to S. Maria Capua Vetere prison [in the province of Caserta, southern Italy], she officially declared the start of her hunger strike, throwing the food out of the cell when it was delivered. Requests for her to be assigned to another prison have been to no avail, given that her right to a defence is infringed, making it impossible for her to properly follow the trials in which she is accused in Genoa (‘Prometeo’) and Turin (‘Scintilla’) and to meet with her lawyer, both in the courtroom during the hearings and in the preparatory phase. It should also be added that the only motion she was able to present in person came from the prison of Vigevano, because from the prison of S. Maria Capua Vetere they never sent it, remaining in all probability to gather dust on a desk of the prison administration.

Natascia is determined to carry on to the end and not to touch food until the situation has changed.

Strong, determined and with her head held high, Natascia has never stopped fighting even when she was locked up. It is up to us outside to fight alongside her with the same strength and determination.


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