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Stuttgart, Germany: Siamo tutti Adil – Trade unionist Adil Belakhdim murdered for LIDL profits!

Stuttgart. Germany. On June 18, during an organized logistics strike, Adil Belakhdim, coordinator of the Novara province (Italy) and member of the Italian national trade union coordination SI Cobas, was killed. A truck crashed into the picket line in front of LIDL in Biandrate (Novara). Of the ten workers, two were injured and Adil died. This was not an accident or the act of a single madman. The murder of Adil is part of a violent and criminal campaign against struggling trade unionists, especially in the logistics sector.

Originally published by Indymedia DE (Tor-Adress). Translated by Riot Turtle.

We have drawn attention to the murder and the responsibility of the LIDL Group with a slogan and a poster of Adil at the entrance of a LIDL store in Stuttgart.

The murder of Adil is not an isolated case, but simply a new climax in an escalation of organized violence against SI Cobas that has been going on for months and now knows no limits anymore. The charges at FedEx TNT (transport company) in Piacenza, the arrests, the warrants and fines against strikes, the armed attacks by bodyguards and strikebreakers in San Giuliano and Lodi, not to mention the punitive raids at Texprint two days ago, are part of a single plan in which the bosses and organized crime (which does big business in logistics) are united and focused to violently crush the workers’ strikes against exploitation and in defense of the gains made over the years.

More information about the strike in the logistics sector and the murder of Adil on Labournet

Long live international solidarity!

Siamo tutti Adil

Solidarity, June 22, 2021

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