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Athens: Feminist comrades arrested for collage – 9/6

Athens. In the night of the 8th to the 9th of June five people got arrested for collaging „El violador eres tù“ on the National Theatre of Athens. This action was taken to shoot light on the case of Lignadis, former director of the theatre, who is right now being prosecuted for raping four minors. This case is extremely political considering that Lignadis is protected by the fascist government of Greece and has personal relations to the prime-minister of Greece.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

This way of collaging started in France over the last year under the name „les colleuses“ and is now being used internationally to call out patriarchal oppressions. As the general climate of state repression in Athens is getting harsher and the struggle against patriarchal issues is getting tenser since the me-too movement started to arise in Greece in the beginning of the year, we see now how the repression is more actively targeting feminist actions, even the most minor ones.

The 5 comrades are now being prosecuted for this action and risk up to two years of prison. They already have to pay 1200€ for lawyer and court expenses since they are being prosecuted in a higher criminal court rather than a regular one. The charges brought against them are completely disproportional to their action as you can see in the picture.



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