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Siamo tutti Adil – Lidl-branch in Waiblingen marked [Germany]

Waiblingen. Germany. Last week the italian worker and trade union leader Adil Belakhdim was killed during a strike. The Lidl-workers on strike were blocking a warehouse, when a truck rammed through the picket-line and injured two workers heavily. In the aftermath of this attack on the strike, our comrade Adil lost his life.

Originally published by Indymedia DE (Tor-Adress).

Adil’s trade union Si Cobras, defines the incident not as an “accident”, but as a brutal attack on the fighting workers movement. The killing of Adil is just one incident in a series of racketeering against Si Cobras. Criminal gangs tried to intimdate union members and workers got fired just for being a member of Si Cobras. This is a political strategy aimed to silence workers.

We are in deep solidarity with our italian class brothers and sisters, who are leading an important and brave fight. Their class enemy, the Lidl company, is one of the biggest german monopolies and is to be held accountable for the killing of our comrade Adil. Therefore especially we as german communists have to take responsibility for informing us and our surroundings about this fight and building international solidarity.

In Waiblingen, near Stuttgart in southwest Germany, we sprayed the slogan “Siamo tutti Adil – Up the international solidarity” and the symbol of the communist movement onto the storefront of the local Lidl. With this action we want to raise awareness for what happend in Italy, since the bourgeois german press is mainly ignoring the killing of Adil. The damage may be small, but we want to make Lidl pay. We call on all our german comrades to take action against the Lidl company and raise the cost.

Up the international solidarity!
Long live the italian strike movement!
Siamo tutti Adil!

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