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Uprising Against Monarchy in eSwatini

An uprising against the monarchy in eSwatini began on June 28, with revolutionaries targeting King Mswati III’s property.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Militants looted trucks carting goods from South Africa, blocked roads with burning barricades and set supermarkets on fire.

A night of heavy protests continued into the daytime. In images shared from the scenes, militants set fire to a statue outside a conference centre in Manzini.

Demonstrators claimed King Mswati III and members of the royal family fled to South Africa amid protests.

The Kungahlwa Kwenile campaign, which has organized demonstrations against the monarchy, called on citizens to burn property and businesses associated with the king. The campaign, whose members remain anonymous, published their messages via social media and the Swaziland News, a newspaper critical of the government and published from South Africa.

There have been protests in eSwatini for several weeks following the death of Thabani Nkomonye, who was murdered by the police in May.

“As we launch the ‘Kungahlwa Kwenile’ campaign we want the whole country to be on fire starting from Tuesday. People must target King Mswati’s properties and businesses like Montigny forests, Game Reserves, properties of MPs who don’t corporate [sic] and government properties among others. All roads must be blocked across the country on Tuesday night,” the campaign said.

The protests took place following a government decree banning citizens from demonstrating and delivering petitions to government officials.

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