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4 Years After the Death of Anarchist Comrade Santiago Maldonado [Argentina]

Four years after the murder of Santiago Maldonado, we continue to vindicate our comrade.

Originally published by Contra Info. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Because anarchic memory is action, we make a call to remember Lechu, emphasizing the ideals and perspectives of our comrade.

We do not forget that Santiago was killed by the repressive agents of the State in a barricade in Puelmapu, nor do we forget the usurpation that reformist sectors and supporters of this society made of his death, using his face and his body for their political games. Because of this:

  • This year we propose NOT to use the physical image of Santiago in propaganda, but rather his songs, ideas and practices, thus combating the emptying and the washed-out image that has been taken by those in power.
  • Because we know that Lechu fought for the land and against capital, we propose to accentuate a multiform memory, which inevitably leads us to remember other comrades who fell in these same struggles. Thus, six months after the murder of Baucis by assassins in the process of recovering Mapuche land, we call for Bau to be present in the actions that we carry out.
  • We propose a memory of action that assumes that enemies are everywhere, which increases our capacity to attack. We can be creative attacking, let’s not forget.

For a black memory

to multiply the propaganda and actions

No comrade is forgotten.

To our compas in the dungeons of power in $hile, know that you are with us in every action.

July 2021,

MalosAires, Territory (still) dominated by the Argentine State.

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