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Analysis of June 16 and 17: Solidarity with Rigaer94! [Interkiezionale, Berlin]

Berlin. Almost a month ago our movement* decided to overcome defensive strategies and strengthen our offensiveness. As a result of prolonged discussions, and it should be noted that these discussions only lead to results with sustained organizing, structures began to implement a new strategy against evictions and focussed on the destruction of the “red zone” and established their own zone in the Nordkiez. A zone, based this time on self-organization and solidarity. They managed to “deconstruct” the passifying “red-zone” and created collective moments and experiences.

Originally published by Indymedia De (Tor-Adress). Written by Interkiezionale.

After a successful Wednesday and a fight on the streets, people were defending the house of R94 during the invasion by the cops on the 17th of June. People fought this day for self-organization and self-determination, against private property, oppression and exploitation, against the city of the rich.

The same day, on Thursday evening, the Interkiezionale organized a demo. 2000 people gathered under a festive atmosphere and demonstrated from Südkiez until Dorfplatz, where Rigaer Str. was reclaimed.

This time we decided to call a demo which would try to reach the potentially sieged project. Choosing this time to reach the threatened project, the main focus was to empower our friends and comrades who were supposed to be trapped in the house. But reality overcame our expectations and the demo was able to reach an open jouse, celebrating the resistance of our people and the retreat of the cops, the so called landlord and the Hausverwaltung. Despite the various stops in the beginning which paused the dynamic start, the demo was confident and empowering. In Südkiez people attacked the civil-cops, showing that the previous days gave us power and strength, motivated and inspired us. Reaching the project, the atmosphere was even better. People from R94 were on the roofs, windows and at the door, welcoming the solidarity demo and participating in the joyful manifestation in Dorfplatz afterwards. The high participation on the demo but also the numerous solidarity actions and statements showed that people don’t take distance from radical struggles, as suggested by the media, but they are actively supporting them, recognizing in them solutions to our everyday problems and tools to resist the oppression and exploitation we experience. We would leave open the question to what extent the demo contributed to the fact that the cops canceled their actually planned two-day operation already after the first day.

Unfortunately our gesa support was once again not so well structured, as there was a lack of capacities. Working on our deficiencies we are getting prepared for the upcoming eviction attempts.

As Interkiezionale we were empowered and motivated from the actions of our comrades in Rigaer Str. Talking about collective moments, the fight for Rigaer94 managed to bring people together, to create relationships, to give a perspective on our fight. These days showed us how important are our networks and info-structures, how necessary are single initiatives – as the spontaneous call for the demonstration on the 16th-, how needed is everyone and in the end how important is solidarity. The struggle was given by the people inside the house, the people on the streets, all the people participating in manifestations, demos, actions. The people who cheering during the attacks, who were uploading solidarity texts who were registering demos. All these people are part of our movement, a movement which is based on mutual aid and solidarity, a movement which can fight evictions, fight against the city of the rich. And when we decidedly working and fighting together we can destroy or at least create obstacles to the cops and landlords plans, as it happened on the 17th of June, when the so called landlord and Hausverwaltung unsuccessfully tried to sue people in the house failing completely in taking the control of the rooms. All parties involved were aware that this was never about fire protection, which had already been tested twice without any significant deficiencies. Rather, property manager Luschnat openly communicated his plans to have the house declared uninhabitable. This attitude created an expectation among the lower- and middle-ranking cops to finally see their dreams realized. Due to this pressure, Senator Geisel was forced into a situation in which he could only lose. Either he leaves his supposedly legalistic course and pulls through an illegal eviction, in view of the attention on the fight in these days of the election campaign a doubtful idea. Or he burns up his goons in a pointless escalation for a fire safety inspection for which he might as well have copied Schmidt’s old report.

From now on is in our hands the responsibility of diffusing this strategy and engage more people and more struggles in it. Focusing on connecting urban struggles, our goal should be to become bigger as a movement, include more fights and topics in our everyday politics.

Following the strategy of Day X demo, gaining motivation, hope and optimism, the 2 days in Rigaer Str. constitute an example of resistance, solidarity, offensiveness, a moment which will accompany our future plans and strategies, a moment where the scene became a movement.

The fight is still going on! Solidarity with all the threatened projects!


*during these two days people, groups and structures worked together in the direction of creating a movement, the reflects and the willing of the people was so empowering that for us we would describe it as movement

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