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Berlin: Defend Køpi-Wagenplatz

Berlin. In the last years we have witnessed the State and Capitalist tyrants relentlessly try and wipe out and destroy the last few self-organised places and autonomous structures in Berlin.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

Attacking with ceaseless eviction of our spaces, dehumanising police tactics and constant repression.

The City of Berlin with its corrupt politicians have chosen to side with the criminals who are selling out the city. Andreas Geisel, Interior minister of Berlin, has supported every eviction with an army of robocops brutally forcing people out of their homes and collective spaces.

On 10th of June the verdict was given to evict Køpi-Wagenplatz. We will defend it with all we have.

We call for every friend, every supporter, everyone who doesnt want to see another unique place destroyed to join us in Berlin to fight the eviction of the Wagenplatz and defend our homes. We will try with as many people possible to stand in the way of the eviction, using barricades, blockades, de-centralized actions and every way imagineable. Let’s take our anger to the streets and let our diversity also be shown in our resistance.

We dont know yet the date of the eviction but think it will be soon. We also expect the police to put a red zone around kopi some days before the eviction, in an attempt to silence our solidarity and isolate us. We call for support from the moment the eviction date is announced, kopi and other autonomus projects in berlin will open thier doors for spaces to meet, discuss, exchange ideas, prepare and plan. Sleeping places and food will be organised for people coming to support. Get in touch with us – we welcome any form of solidarity. Spread the word in your cities and on your streets. Let us come together and show that despite the endless eviction threats and attacks or our way of life, we are still here, and our anger only fuels our strength.

They cannot destroy our ideas and they will not break us.

Køpi, August 1, 2021

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