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Glonass on board! [Genoa, Italy]

Genoa. Italy. The Glonass system, comparable to the American GPS, is a Russian global navigation satellite system used for tracking and tracing. It is also used as a back-up or support positioning system, which can provide a faster fix and greater accuracy than GPS.

Originally published by Malacoda.

This device was found in our car. It was connected to the power supply of the control unit underneath the steering wheel on the left-hand side and had been placed there with a magnet, insulating tape and a heating cloth. It consists of an antenna (QC in the photo) connected to a multi-frequency positioning receiver box containing a micro SIM card. On the same side, a long cable ran along the inside of the internal side pillar linings of the windscreen to the underside of the roof of the car. All on the driver’s side. At the top of the cable were two microphones.

On the Road Again!

Two anarchists in Genoa

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