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No G20 Hamburg [2017]: Appeal trial against Loic in the G20 Elbchaussee case in Leipzig on September 1, 2021

Leipzig. Germany. On September 1, 2021, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Leipzig will rule on the appeals by the defense and the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office against the verdict of the Hamburg Regional Court, which sentenced Loic to 3 years’ imprisonment without probation. The defense demands
a significantly lower sentence, which is to be suspended. The prosecution wants a sentence of 4 years and 9 months. Now there is a public hearing before the BGH on September 9, 2021, which is all about legal issues. Loic can attend this hearing, but does not have to and will not.

Originally published by United We Stand. Translated by Riot Turtle.

We will send an observer to Leipzig. Appeals are rejected 99% of the time, which is also to be expected for both appeals in the Loic case. The verdict would then become legally binding immediately, the summons to start the sentence would be issued about a month later, and another month later, in November, Loic would have to start his prison sentence.

Loic was sentenced to 36 months, minus 16 months of pre-trial detention, a remaining sentence of 20 months remains. For people who are sentenced to prison for the first time, there is the possibility of being released after 2/3 of the total sentence, which would be 24 months minus the pre-trial detention of 16 months, i.e. another 8 months. The 2/3 sentence is rather rare in political proceedings; repentance and disassociation are often required.

The remainder of the sentence will probably be carried out in the Billwerder correctional facility in Hamburg. However, there may also be the possibility of executing the sentence in France, which would certainly be more preferable for Loic, and his family and friends.

Either way, we remain in solidarity with our friend and companion Loic, whether in France or Germany and together we will organize rallies and solidarity actions.

Solidarity is a weapon!

Free Loic!

Solidary Struggle – United We Stand!

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