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Demo: Justice for Sammy! – Murdered by the Amsterdam Police! [Amsterdam, Netherlands]

Amsterdam. Netherlands. Call for a demo to commemorate Sammy Baker. On Aug. 13, 2020, after Sammy was being chased, he was surrounded by several police officers in a courtyard. Sammy is overpowered and killed while lying on the ground with 3 shots from one cop.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

On the 13th of August 2020 the 23 year old German tourist Sammy Baker was murdered by the Amsterdam police. Sammy was in Amsterdam to celebrate his birthday with friends but disappeared. His mother reported him missing and came to Amsterdam to look for her son. She found him in a confused state of mind and asked a police officer for help. The officer called in his colleagues. What followed was not help, but three bullets that killed Sammy. During the police action there were no bystanders nearby. Sammy was only a threat to himself.

In May the state prosecutor, Anne Marie Ruijs, decided that the cops who murdered Sammy will face no consequences. Ruijs ruled that there will not be any legal procedure against them. Once again, cops get away with murder in the Netherlands. Despite all the lies of the Amsterdam police there is overwhelming evidence that Sammy was murdered (including a video clearly showing what happened). Sammy was a person of colour who was having a psychosis. Even while there was psychological help and his mother at the scene the police refused Sammy the help he was asking. Instead, they launched an attack on Sammy, without any reason, and shot at him 4 times.

The police are getting away with excessive violence more and more frequently. Instead of tackling this trend their power is increased with more weapons and instructions to use brute force more quickly.
Walk with us for justice!

On Friday 13th of august 2021 at 7.30 pm, a demonstration march will take place from the starting point of Dam square in Amsterdam.

We want to draw attention to the police violence in the Netherlands, but also to the injustice that has unfortunately happened to Sammy.

The demonstration is expected to end in the Honselerdijikstraat. There will also be press present.

We will not remain silent! No one is forgotten.


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