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Solidarity with Boris: Bure [Meuse]

France. A few days before the beginning of the Rayonnantes camp, we send all our solidarity to Boris, imprisoned in Nacy-Maxéville since september 2020.

Originally published by Act For Freedom Now!

Boris was imprisoned in the context of repression against the wave of incendiary attacks on relay antennas, in his particular case those of the Mont Poupet, which Boris claimed. You can read his declaration here.

A few days ago, a fire started in Boris’ cell and he was transfered to Metz hospital. You can find a communique about his situation here.

You can also find more information on the procedure here.

Our struggles against this energy-consuming world, that pushes the commercialization and artificialization of the world, from Cigeo to relay antennas, are the same.

Our struggles for freedom and autonomy stand against every prison.

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