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Berlin: Eviction notice for Kisch & Co on 24.08.21

Berlin. Kreuzberg. The bookstore Kisch & Co (Oranienstrasse) , deeply rooted in the neighborhood recived an eviction date (24.08). Once again, in one of our neighborhoods, which we live, organize and which we shaped together, is to be “valorized”.

Originally published by Meuterei Telegram Channel.

Whether bookstore, social centers, pubs, nuseries, house projects or apartments – it is our living spaces that are being snatched away from us so that even more and more money can be made.

Fuck the empty promises of politicians, who want to give themselves a social coating with lip services.

The last years have shown that fights for (free) spaces can be exhausting and sometimes discouraging, but we believe that moments of solidarity can also give strength to many of us. It has shown we are not alone and we are becoming more. More and more people are joining together to confront this shit and to organize.

We call to join the protests around the scheduled eviction of of Kisch and Co., to get creative and to stay determined. We will not give up and continue to fight.

Defend Kisch and Co. Meuterei lives!

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