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Statement by anarchist prisoner Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis [Greece]

Athens. Greece. A statement by anarchist prisoner Dimitris Hatzivasiliadis, who was arrested on August 9, 2021.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Translated by Act For Freedom Now!

Informative announcement:

From October 2019, following my injury during the expropriation in a local store of a state casino in Holargos (Athens), I fled the nexus of preventive and criminal repressive control. The side effect of my injury was the discovery of a set of illegal tools of resistance and the revelation of my relationship with the guerrilla organization Revolutionary Self-Defence. Being an outlaw, I made public my political responsibility for the intended reconstruction of the guerrilla struggle, starting with the example of the Revolutionary Self-Defence Organization. Reversing the condition of political isolation of the one who escapes the blackmailing conventions which the state seeks and which serves it (wherever it comes from), I participated to the maximum in the public movement dialogue, with an eye to the evolution of the revolutionary class struggle. The period of exile was a transitional attempt to reposition myself in the global socio-political space of resistance in order to go forward. In the first year, the breaking of deep-rooted barriers was not achieved. I remained trapped in an isolation related to the collective impasses of the Greek movement.

On Monday, August 9, I attempted the expropriation of a bank fund in Pefka area, in Thessaloniki. As I was leaving the area, in a car and having previously ridden a motorcycle, I was stopped and taken prisoner by uniformed state mercenaries who had mobilized to locate and trap the perpetrator of the robbery. My capture is not in the slightest connected with my earlier search by the special anti-guerrilla mechanisms and, more broadly, by police and digital surveillance. Until I said my name, they did not know who they had arrested.

Initially, I was detained at the police headquarters in Thessaloniki (AMET), in the garbage detention centre, together with the other social prisoners. I am now in the underground wing of the women’s prison in Korydallos, which was built 2 decades ago specially for the political prisoners of the repressive operations against the 17N and the Revolutionary People’s Struggle and through which the captured guerrillas of the Revolutionary Struggle organization and the rest of the political prisoners of the most relevant court cases have passed. The political prisoners Dinos Giantzoglou, Christodoulos Xiros and Savvas Xiros are currently in the same wing. The serving of the sentence (16 years) of the expropriation court in Holargos and the case of the Revolutionary Self-Defence Org. has begun.

So far the new case file concerns only the expropriation of the bank and, with the exception of a point of dubious concept (accusation of “use of weapons”), attributes accusations which, according to the ideological codes of bourgeois law, first correspond to acts by which I undertook the expropriation of the bank, the showing of a weapon, the temporary and potentially compensated appropriation of 2 private vehicles as necessary means for the expropriation of the bank and the refusal to be photographed during the pre-investigative phase, as a refusal of consent to the persecuting regime. Although neither the tactical defeats with their serious personal consequences nor their collective and personal background can be hidden, and although I considered a public trial for this specific bank expropriation to be of little importance as a political battleground, I do not recognize the law of what they are historically: a rule of subjugation to idealized class domination. For the political defence of each of my actions and all of them in class and cultural terms, the comrades can refer to the hundreds of pages I have written in the past year and a half. I hope to be able to publish a political account of the latest developments soon.

With the proletarian uprising in the heart, anarchy in the mind, libertarian communism in practice and ecumenical socialist self-government in the program I confirm my presence where a new free world is being conceived.

Dimitris Hatzivasiliadis


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