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One week monastery occupation! [Aachen, Germany]

Aachen. Germany. The monastery in Lousbergstraße has been squatted for one week now. The squatters have already started renovation work and organized a colorful program. There were lectures about the political necessity of squatting and from the Mietshäuser Syndikat. A sports room with regular boxing training, a free store, as well as a silk-screening workshop and a kiosk have been created. The part of the living space for women, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans and a-gender people has already been inaugurated today.

Originally published by Hausbesetzung Aachen. Translated by Riot Turtle.

“We are excited about how the monastery becomes more beautiful every day. Everything was organized by ourselves without hierarchies or a master plan. Many people just came along with their ideas, their initiative, their knowledge and together they implemented many projects” a squatter says.

The reactions of the neighbors are entirely positive:

“At an open garden meeting I got into conversation for the first time with people with whom I have lived on the same street for years. The open monastery has already enriched the neighborhood on the Lousberg after just one week. I wish that this place will be preserved!” a neighbor said.

But the situation around the sale of the monastery is tense. The squatters demand a further use of the monastery according to their wishes, i.e. as a meeting place and low-cost living space. It is clear that this is against the will of potential buyers who want to make as much profit as possible from the monastery.

“The positive reactions in Aachen clearly show that self-organized free spaces like this one are urgently needed. No matter into which hands the monastery falls after the auction, we will defend our free space that we have fought for and let investors’ dreams burst,” a squatter says.

The spaces for those who live in them and not for investors!

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