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Berlin: Don’t vote! Attack the city of the rich!

Berlin. August 2021, just before the elections, and yet another project is threatened, a bookstore was evicted, up to 10 houses per day are being evicted, the biggest german real estate company (vonovia) is buying the second biggest (Deutche Wohnen) creating an economic and real estate colossus. A situation that is proving spectacularly that the interests of capital will always take precedence over people’s needs, and that reform will always fail.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

In this fight we  self-defend! We choose our own tools based on our own strength and determination. We are not waiting for state support, we do not fail in the trap of representation and reformism. We collectivize our needs, speak about them and organize ourselves in order to fullfill them.

But our fight is a fight against every eviction, every startup in our kiez, every real estate company (state or private owned) every opressive and exploit mechanism. Through this fight the phrase „against the city of the rich“ starts to have a content. The fight against evictions is becoming a fight for our ideas -mutual aid, solidarity and self-organization- for a city without landlords, police, politicians or any form of exploiters or abusers We want to put our collective power against the commercialisation of human needs.

On September the 11th we call to join the Mietendemo at Alexanderplatzin order to show that we fight in different ways and we have different perspectives but we also stand together in various moments. Showing that we also have common fights and struggles. When these fights are on the streets our place is always there!

For this reason we meet at September the 11th at 12:00 before Køpiplatz to go collectivly to the Mietendemo! So we can collective offensive moments, spread our ideas and find moments to attack the city of the rich!

Zubringerdemo – Saturday 11.9 – 12.00 – from Køpiplatz to Alexanderplatz (Berlin, Germany)

For autonomy and self-defense!


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