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Anarchic and Subversive Words from Chilean Prisons for the International Week for Anarchist Prisoners

Chile. Statement by prisoners from territory dominated by the Chilean state.

Originally published by Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

War cries; true sounds of freedom!!

In this week of solidarity with the anarchist prisoners, we make an open call to war, to continue and intensify the conflict against each expression of Power and to strengthen the ties of affinity for combat between all the anti-authoritarian sectors that exist and walk common paths.

It is from this position that we remember our comrades Sacco and Vanzetti as part of the broad sector of anarchic illegalism, who were called “the Galleanists”, who with bombs, expropriations and executions shook the North American soil at the beginning of the last century. Sustained in the creation and multiplication of affinity groups and in violent action, the illegalists expanded anarchic ideas from the facts, understanding that word and action are inseparable.

Since then, a lot of water has passed under the bridge, many have died and many comrades have been imprisoned who proudly have faced Power from the place where they have been, despite the ideas that translate into affinity and these actions have endured and are what today motivate the anarchist and subversive prisoners of the territory dominated by the Chilean State to continue the war from this confinement and in the streets, always keeping in mind the necessary harmony between prisoners and supportive accomplices who walk in confrontation with the normality of what exists.

Alienated and opposed to nefarious sectarianisms functional to the state, we have been strengthening ourselves in the permanent struggle based on common codes that have solidified, allowing us, at the same time, to strengthen ties with different universes of comrades on the street. Today, without a doubt, we are stronger than yesterday.

In recent months, framed in constant struggles, we have faced tough tests that we have been able to overcome, strengthening ourselves and making possible various initiatives as a real contribution to the anti-prison struggles of today’s Chile, understanding that it is only in confrontation that we grow in all areas of reality to continue sharpening the struggle for total liberation.

We send a big embrace to all the rebels who on Tuesday, August 24, lit up the streets of Santiago and other cities again in solidarity. A warm greeting to those who gathered outside the La Gonzalina prison in Rancagua making the cries of solidarity reach our ears, filling us with encouragement and joy.

We send a fraternal greeting to all the subversive anti-authoritarian comrades, autonomous revolutionaries and anarchists of different tendencies scattered throughout the prisons of the world: Nataschia, Juan Sorroche, comrades imprisoned in Greece, especially Dinos, Nikos Maziotis, Pola Roupa and Gianis Dimitrakis. To Alfredo Cospito, Anna Beniamino and to all comrades locked up in Italian prisons. A special hug to Ignacio Avaca and Luis Avaca.

We embrace and greet in weichan [resistance] to the Mapuche political prisoners.

With our mother, grandmother and comrade Luisa Toledo, eternally and beautifully violent!!

Death to the state and long live anarchy!

Let the prisons burst!

As long as there is misery there will be rebellion!

Juan Aliste

Marcelo Villarroel

Juan Flores

Joaquin Garcia

Francisco Solar

Rancagua company jail.

Mónica Caballero

San Miguel female prison.

Paul Bahamondes

Company jail stgo 1.

Friday, August 27, 2021.

Territory dominated by the Chilean state.

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