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Capitalism is responsible for all these disasters [Leaflet, Chile]

Chile. Riot Turtle has translated a leaflet that was published the comrades of Vamos hacia la vida. We make this leaflet available for download (PDF, you will find it below the post) and distribution, which was produced as part of the Weeks of Action in which various anti-capitalist groups and individuals have called to mobilize and agitate in defense of life, the earth and against capital. These calls coincided with the dramatic events of the last few weeks, in which we have witnessed around the world that we are entering a new phase of ecological catastrophe from which there is no turning back, a catastrophe that will only continue to intensify until we eradicate the capitalist production machine.

Originally published by Vamos hacia la vida. Translated by  Riot Turtle.

Capitalism is responsible for all these disasters

Capitalism is a social relationship that has to absorb human labor in order to create value and make more money from the money previously invested: a logic based on the idea of constant growth and infinite progress. In order for this irrationality to become global, capital destroyed the original communities and forcibly separated humanity from its immediate livelihoods, mediating this perverse dynamic that also causes an “alienation” of humans from the biosphere of which they are a part of, producing a “metabolic rupture” that disrupts the ecological life cycles of nature on a planetary scale, affecting all forms of life. In the midst of this frenzied race for the accumulation of profits, capital is irrevocably destroying the two original sources of all wealth: the earth and human beings.

In less than 300 years, this historic rupture has led to a dangerous rise of the average temperature on our planet, a huge loss of biodiversity, massive deforestation, acidification and pollution of the oceans, depletion of the ozone layer in the stratosphere, water shortages, and countless other consequences that are affecting our daily lives, of which many are already irreversible.

In the southern part of the Americas, the extraction of raw materials for export has been intensified in recent decades, and only a small part of it has been processed in Latin America. Many of these “modernization” projects are part of the Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA), the technical forum for physical and regional integration planning issues of the South American Council for Infrastructure and Planning (COSIPLAN) of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). Nearly 600 projects approved by the states of 12 countries – governed by both “right” and “left”- are associated with this initiative, most of them aimed at building an entire network of roads, major ports and industrial complexes to facilitate the looting and exploitation of fossil fuels (oil, gas, etc.) that are so rare in the world today, extracting minerals (gold, coltan, bauxite, etc.), produce fast-growing alien monocultures of plants and animal species (pines, eucalyptus, salmon, etc.), intervene in watercourses to produce cheap energy and supply businesses, etc. The goal is to facilitate the rapid and efficient transport of these goods through continental logistics corridors connected to the entire world.

All this capitalist “progress” and “development” has brought nothing but disappropriation and violence against communities – especially indigenous communities that still maintain ways of life not fully penetrated by the “normal” functioning of the modern economic world. This looting has created “victim zones” where the perniciousness of capital and its civilizational horizon is revealed without disguise and in all its rawness: disease, forced displacement, material misery, lack of essential goods, militarization, contract killings, and so on.

Faced with this bleak overall picture, we are assured that a different approach to this form of non-life will be enough to make the world a better place, because all this mischief is the product of an ambitious and ruthless minority: it would be enough to just change the mugs of those who pull the strings in the world. There are also those who claim that scientific progress will save us from the abyss, ascribing a fictitious neutrality to technological development. They urge us to be responsible consumers, to turn off the lights and to take showers in a shorter time, and they appeal to our moral responsibility. There is also no shortage of those who claim that capital must be forced to “stop growing” and behave sustainably and ecologically in order to get out of the current impasse. Others, more critical and much more angry, call to turn back the clock to a mythologized past. But beyond good intentions, we need to stop the disease itself, not just its most obvious symptoms, and for that we need to get to the root of the problem: the capitalist way of production/destruction.


Download: Capitalism is responsible for all these disasters [Leaflet, Chile], PDF:

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